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Getting started with Bolt IoT

Bolt IoT Platform offers you vast array of features and multiple ways to work with it. When you get started, you can start by learning any of the features.

Here I have created a few paths that you can take to get started with Bolt IoT:

Path 1: Interfacing a sensor to collect data

IoT is often associated with collecting sensor data. This is more popular with industrial IoT. If that is your aim then follow the steps given below:
Step 1: Getting started: Installing the mobile app
Step 2: Video tutorial: Setup and build first project

Path 2: Blinking an LED

Many makers prefer to start learning any hardware project by glowing an LED. If that is the path you wish to take then follow the steps below:
Step 1: Getting started: Installing the mobile app
Step 2: Text tutorial: Setup and build first project
Step 3: Controlling output devices (Glowing an LED)
Step 4: Controlling output devices (with APIs)

These are just two recommended paths. At the end of each tutorial, you will find a Link to Next Steps. You may always choose any of the projects you wish to try next and proceed.

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Getting started with Bolt IoT

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