Creating an Alert on the Bolt Cloud.

  • Log into the Bolt Cloud, and go to the alerts tab.
  • Click on the "Add new alert" button. The Cloud will redirect you to the alert configurations page.
  • Click on the "+" button to start configuring your product.
  • Configure the following details for your alert.
    1. Alert Name: The name of the alert which you will refer to in the future.
    2. The condition under which a notification should be sent to you.
    3. If you choose data, you will be required to select/add the following parameters.
      a. The parameter which has to be monitored.
      b. The comparison that has to be done.
      c. The value to which the parameter has to be compared to.
    4. Status alerts can only be added by Bolt Cloud pro users. If you select status alert you will be required to inform the Bolt Cloud how long to wait after the device is offline before it sends out an alert.
    5. The kind of notification that has to be sent.
    6. The message that should be sent to you in case the alert is triggered by a device.
  • Following is a list of types of notification that you can currently use, along with once which are being planned for the near future.

    1. Push notification for Android (Only available for Bolt IoT app version 1.10.1 and above)
    2. Push notification for IoS (Coming soon)
    3. SMS notification (For Bolt Cloud Pro users only)
    4. Email notification (For Bolt Cloud Pro users only)
  • If you have selected SMS or email alert type, add at the least 1 recipient by using the following steps (Only for Bolt Cloud Pro users):

    1. Click on the add recipient button.
  1. Enter the recipient details (phone number for SMS alert, email id for email alert)
  1. Click on the tick mark button, to confirm the recipient.
  • Enable the alert and then save it.
    Only alerts which are enabled will monitor data from devices and send notifications.
  • After saving the alert the Bolt Cloud will redirect you to the alerts tab. Which will display the newly created alert.

You have successfully created a new alert.

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