Via Dashboard


Supported Versions

Currently, only Hardware Version 2 supports OTA updates. If you own an older hardware version of Bolt, you can update the device manually using this link. To get the latest features, purchase a new Bolt over here.

Login to your Dashboard

You can update your device firmware version via your Cloud Dashboard itself. When you log in to your dashboard on, you will see three vertical dots in the Action tab of your device.
Hover over the three dots to view more actions like "Share Device" and "Device Info".

Click on the "Device Info" icon to view more information about the device.

This will open a popup which will display additional information regarding your Bolt which includes its version details(hardware and firmware). If you do not see the version details, please switch on the Bolt and make sure that the device is online(i.e. Blue and Green LED is on and stable) or restart the Bolt if it is already online. Close the popup and click on the More Info icon again once the device is online.


Older firmware version

If your device is on a firmware version(<1.2.0) which does not support OTA update you can refer Updating via the WiFi network. Do note that the manual update is a one-time process only. Subsequent updates can be done from the cloud dashboard itself.

Start Update process

If an update is available to the firmware, a button to update will also be present in the popup. To update the firmware, the device needs to be powered on and online(i.e. both Blue and Green LED should be ON and stable).


Access Control

If you are viewing a shared device, you will not be able to update the device firmware. You can only view the firmware version of the device. To update the device, please contact the owner of the device.

Click on the "Update" button to update the firmware of the device. This will start the update process.



Please do not power off your device or disconnect it from the network while the device is updating. Once the device has restarted, it is safe to power off the device or disconnect it from the network.

During the update process, your device will blink a few times and will restart in a minute once it has completed the update process. After the restart, the Bolt will have the latest firmware. Congratulations! You have managed to update the device successfully.

Updating Offline devices

If your Bolt is Offline and an update is available, you will see a message informing you about it in the popup. In this case, please power on your Bolt device and connect it to a WiFi network so that it comes online. Once the device is back online, close the popup and click on the Device Info icon again and you can now start the update process.

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