Histogram Graph

A histogram is a graphical representation of continuous numerical data in form of bars where the x-axis displays ranges of data sets and the y-axis represent frequency.
Note: Choose the file extension as js.

Sample Code

setChartTitle('Your Graph Title');
setAxisName('X-Axis Name','Y-axis Name');


Code Format

setChartLibrary('google-chart');Library NameSet the chart library to be used. Bolt Cloud uses 'google-chart' to visualize the data.
setChartTitle('Your Graph Title');Graph NameSet the title of the graph according to your choice.
etChartType('histogramGraph');Graph typeSet the type of chart to be plotted. Bolt Cloud offers 8 different types of charts to be plotted i.e Line Graph, Bar Graph, Scatter Graph, Area Graph, Table Graph, Stepped Graph, Histogram Graph, and Gauge.
setAxisName('X-Axis Name','Y-axis Name');Axis NameSet the display name for each of the graph axis.
plotChart('time_stamp','your_variable_name');Variable NamesDisplay the graph on the screen for the given variables.First parameter is always 'time_stamp' and second parameter is the variable name that you have given during hardware configuration of the product.
setNumberFormatter('format type');Format typeDescribes how numeric columns should be formatted. setNumberFormatter() function supports the following options as parameter - 'decimal', 'scientific', 'percentage', 'currencyInDollar', 'currencyInRupees'. This function should be called before the plotChart() function.
setDateFormatter('date format');Date FormatFormats the x-axis date value in a variety of ways. setDateFormatter() function supports the following options as parameter- 'mm/dd/yyyy', 'dd/mm/yyyy'. This function should be called before the plotChart() function.

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