Export Product


Beta feature

This page documents a Beta feature. Beta features are new features on the Bolt Cloud. This means that you might face some issues while using this feature.

If you face any issues with this feature, please post your issue to form.boltiot.com.

You can export your Bolt Cloud Product to other users on Bolt Cloud using the product URL. When you export your product, the following data gets exported to the user account.

  1. Product name
  2. Product icon
  3. Product type
  4. Hardware configuration including data rate and pin mapping.
  5. Code of the product

To export your product

  1. Go to the home page of the Bolt Cloud and click on the Product tab.
  1. Now click on the product name, that you want to export, and on the top-right corner, you can see the export product icon. Click on the export product and it will show you the product export URL.
  1. Click on the copy button to copy the export URL to your clipboard.
  1. Now this URL can be used to export your product with other users on Bolt Cloud.