Integromat is an integration platform that enables one to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder.

Integromat will automate processes that you currently handle manually. Not only is it capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set Integromat to do what you want and let it work for you. Save your time!


You can build powerful workflows using Integromat and automate repetitive tasks in a matter of few minutes.

Unlike other integration platforms, Integromat doesn't restrict you to step-by-step linear integrations; instead it gives you a blank canvas and a powerful building blocks to create complex integrations that are easy to create, modify, and maintain.

Enterprise-level features like unlimited branching, filtering, and error handling allow users to use their most trusted apps to their fullest extent by integrating them exactly as they need. Using the built-in tools like the HTTP and JSON apps, one can connect to any web service or API without writing any code.

Click here to access the Bolt IoT app on Integromat.