Fritzing Parts


In the spirit of the development of processing and Arduino microcontroller, University of Potsdam has developed a very interesting platform called Fritzing. Fritzing is an open-source EDA software for people who are not engineers. The perfect tool for designers, inventors, hobbyists, and educators for creating a prototype or even making PCB.

You can learn more about Fritzing by clicking here

Importing parts into Fritzing

Most components required to design a circuit in Fritzing are readily available. Some custom components such as the Bolt WiFi module are not available by default in the Fritzing parts library.
You can follow these steps to import a custom Fritzing parts into Fritzing

  • Find the link for the Fritzing part. Most developers make the link available on their website or their blogs.
  • Download the Fritzing part.
  • Select the Fritzing part you just downloaded and open it.

This will load the Fritzing part in all the views (Breadboard, Schematic, and PCB).

Bolt WiFi module

You can download the fritzing part for the Bolt WiFi module by clicking here.


You can download the fritzing part for the Boltduino by clicking here.
NOTE: This fritzing part is only usable for schematic and breadboard diagrams. We will update the PCB layout in further iterations.