Have you ever wished to control your Bolt device using mobile or from any other device?

Well, this tutorial just aims at achieving that. We shall create a UI which will have few buttons using which you will control the LED connected to the Bolt device. And the best part of this tutorial is, you won't be writing a single line of code.

We would use an online platform called to create the UI. Let's get an overview of it.

What is ? is a robust visual programming platform that enables users to create innovative web applications in a quick and hassle-free way. These applications can be accessed from all devices which support browsers such as smartphones, laptops etc.

Bubble empowers users to build and customize applications via a user-friendly interface using the drag and drop technique, entirely without code

Bolt IoT has created a plugin which you can find on Bubble, which enables you to build powerful GUI to control output devices connected to your Bolt.