Raspberry Pi


Beta feature

This page documents a Beta feature. Beta features are new features on the Bolt Cloud. This means that you might face some issues while using this feature.

If you face any issues with this feature, please post your issue to forum.boltiot.com and add the tag "Raspberry Pi" to the post.

The Raspberry Pi is the latest addition to the devices which can connect to the Bolt Cloud. Once you connect a Raspberry Pi to the Bolt Cloud it will behave just like a Bolt WiFi Module and can perform most of the functions.

Any product or alert created for Bolt WiFi Module or any code written with APIs will work with Raspberry Pi as well. You only have to connect your sensors, actuators and other devices to corresponding pins of Raspberry Pi.


Few features are not available

Due to the hardware limitations, not all features available to Bolt WiFi modules are available on the Raspberry Pi.

Some features will not work as they are under development and will be launched soon.

We have mentioned the same later in this documentation.

What’s Next

If you have not used a Raspberry Pi before then visit Setting Up Raspberry Pi. If you have set up your Raspberry Pi with command-line access then directly go to the section on 'Adding Raspberry PI to Bolt Cloud'